Licensed Electrical Contractors

I think this is an important topic for both legal reasons and clarity for our customers. At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, LLC, we pride ourselves in our work ethic, integrity and sticking to what we’re the best at. While we are highly trained in the art/science of home automation, system design, equipment installation troubleshooting and so on, we are not an electrical contractor.

For the installation of items such as low-voltage wiring through walls and attics and installation of light switches and electrical outlets, we instruct our customers to contact their own electrician or choose from our list of Recommended Electrical Contractors.

Certified Electrical Contractors are an irreplaceable asset to our community and their expertise as Certified Electrical Contractors is imperative an many projects. While our two fields are related they are NOT the same. Being a Certified Electrical Contractor qualifies a business or individual to run wires and complete other similar tasks. Our training and certifications qualify us to design systems, install, mount, plug in, program and troubleshoot. Certified Electrical Contractors bring the wires to where we need them, we are the ones who plug in the goodies and make them act the way our customers want them to!

Here is a list of Certified Electrical Contractors that we recommend to our customers.

Barton Electric – 12928 SE Suzanne Drive, Hobe Sound, FL 33455 – (772) 546-2292 –

Our customers are billed directly by these electrical contractors when they are hired. We are not in the business of contracting out electrical work.

To be added to our list of recommended Certified Electrical Contractors, please send a message on the “Contact Us” Page.

Thanks for your time!

By Derreck Ogden