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home theater systems apple tv sonosHome Theater Systems: Integrated Sonos and Apple TV

Custom Home Theater Systems with Integrated Sonos and Apple TV

Home Theater Systems

Custom home theater system from Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, LLC are designed to fit any project specification or budget. Our home theater systems are engineered for 2 things: SIMPLICITY and QUALITY. Our systems can be integrated with the latest technology including Roku devices, Apple TV, Sonos and more. The most important thing to our designers and installers is that our systems are of the highest quality when it comes to picture, audio and network speed. We also take our design considerations a step further than our next best competition: we make sure the systems are usable by anyone with the remote in their hand!

Simplicity: Integration of Sources and Control (Sonos, Apple TV, Roku, etc.)

Keeping the control of our home theater systems as simple and easy as possible is what makes our systems second-to-none! It’s easy to find the best picture quality for a TV or the best sound from a speaker and amp combo. What is difficult to do without the proper experience, is to install and properly program a sophisticated touch screen control system for your home theater system. At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, LLC, our automation programmers will setup your system with your favorite channels, and one-click power and source selection!

By Derreck Ogden