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universal remote rtiRTI Universal Remote Control on iPhone

Universal Remote Control on iPhone from RTI!

Take Control with a Universal Remote from RTI

One of the most frustrating things a consumer can purchase is a new high-tech piece of equipment that will do exactly what they need it to do. Just one problem-they can’t figure out how to use it!

Our living rooms are centered around our entertainment systems for good reason. This is the place where we catch up on current events, watch our favorite movies and TV shows, catch the game or just relax on the couch and enjoy some music. We love having the newest TV with the best picture and Smart features, the high-powered surround sound system with the sub woofer that makes you feel like you are IN the movie, the Blu-Ray player for those hi-def 3d movies with the kids.  There’s just one problem-no one knows how to use it. All of the necessary tools are there for you on the coffee table.

“Relax! It’s no big deal! The guys who installed it showed me how to use it. They even left me a manual with instructions on how to watch cable TV or turn on the music system.”

Navigating through 6 or 7 remote controls and trying to make sure that every thing is set to the right source and sound field is not something that ANYONE should have to put up with in 2013!

At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, LLC, we will simplify your home entertainment system and have all of the features on one, extremely simple remote control. Turn everything on (or off) and set all of the options, modes and sources appropriately-WITH ONE TOUCH!

Remote Control on iPhone

Want remote control on iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices? No problem. We can integrate your iOS or Android device to do everything that your RTI remote control does. Life should be simple! Let our team simplify it for you!

By Derreck Ogden