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security cameras dvr systemSecurity Cameras and DVRs

How to Choose a Security Camera and DVR System

Choosing a security camera and DVR system can be confusing and frustrating to the untrained consumer. Understanding how the quality of the security camera is going to affect your storage capacity of your DVR system or how the necessary quality of your system is going to affect the price of the system and total project cost can be nearly impossible. At Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, LLC, we specializing in finding that fine balance between keeping your budget under control while providing the quality that you need from your security camera system.

Security Camera and DVR System Installation

Our surveillance system design and installation team is here to help! We can survey your location, recommend locations for security cameras and DVR system, price out the equipment and installation and plan and implement your project. You can get your turnkey system within a few days from your first phone call!

Key Concepts:

  • Security Camera Selection
  • Selecting the right Security Cameras and DVR System

By Derreck Ogden