Remote Viewing

security cameras on iphone cctv on ipadSurveillance Camera Systems: Security Cameras on iPhone, CCTV on iPad

Surveillance Camera Systems of the Future: CCTV on iPad-Viewing Security Cameras on iPhone and iPad

The most fun feature of our surveillance camera systems is viewing and moving PTZ cameras right from our customers’ mobile devices from Android devices to CCTV on iPad and security cameras on iPhone. With IC Realtime equipment and software designed, installed and configured to your liking by the Surveillance Camera Systems Team at Word of Mouth Computers and Electronics, LLC, you will be panning, tilting, zooming and rewinding from your CCTV on iPad and security cameras on iPhone solutions!


  • Be at home and see what’s happening at work!
  • Monitor multiple locations!
  • See what’s happening at home from work!
  • See whats happening at work AND at home while your travelling!

By Derreck Ogden